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Apr. 5th, 2016

Final Fantasy XV Cidney Cosplay

What do you think of Cidney in Final Fantasy XV? She introduces herself as the mechanic, and she is important because of her profession as a mechanic in the series. Cosplay final fantasy Cidney is not overly popular as Tifa Lockhart or Yuna, but if you are fan of casual clothes cosplay, this character would be a good idea, the curly, blonde hair, the yellow jacket and jeans shorts, would make you a cool Cidney.

Photographer:Haziq Photography

Mar. 14th, 2016

Cool One Punch Man Saitama Cosplay

What are the most popular anime series of 2016? It is a safe bet that One Punch Man would be the top five. Do you agree? Of course, the main protagonist Saitama would be one of the most pop characters in the tons of other heroes. Cosplay One Punch Man Saitama is surely a hot choice for both male and female cosplayers.

The bald head and the yellow jumpsuit with white or red cape would make any of us distinctive and noticeable anywhere. This cosplayer who is a male and really does great job! He looks quite close to the character Saitama.

picture source:cosplayer:L_L_L_

Feb. 24th, 2016

Pretty RWBY Yang Xiao Long Cosplay Girl

No final fantasy cosplay today! But it is about the American anime web series RWBY. Cosplay Yang Xiao Long could make girls really beautiful and cool. On the one hand, Yang is one of the main characters in RWBY, and her long, curly, yellow hair, along with the sexy costume, are quite noticeable on the other hand. There are so many cosplayers have done this pop anime cosplay so far. Here is the great “Yellow” done by a Chinese cosplayer named Aurora, what do you think of her Yang Xiao Long?


Feb. 14th, 2016

Final Fantasy Couples Cosplay – Valentine’s Day!

final fantasy tifa and cloud cosplayers.jpg
What would you like to do on Valentine’s Day? Obviously, each of us would have different plans. But, as for cosplayers, to dress up as the couple characters on this special day would be the most popular ideas, right? Valentine’s Day is a specific time for loves to have meaningful and sweet memories.
final fantasy vii zack cosplay.jpg
no title
no title

cosplay by John Rey Amuro and Kim Empestan

picture credit
Cosplay final fantasy couples also is the intriguing and pop ideas with fans of FF series. There are so many cute and likeable girls and boys in this game, such as Yuna and Tidus, Tifa and Cloud, Aerith and Zack, Rinoa and Squall, Stella and Noctis, and Garnet and Zidane and so on.

Of course, there are many other couples that not that popular as these ones mentioned above in Final Fantasy series. Please share your cosplay shots with us if you are also fan of this game and have done final fantasy cosplay.

Jan. 26th, 2016

What If A Male Cosplays Final Fantasy X Yuna?

Hi, how do you think of crossplay (people dress up as the character that has the opposite gender of them, namely, girl to be a guy and a guy dresses up as a girl)? Generally, most girls could do very good job that we can’t even find that they are females, they could be cool and handsome by good makeup and beautiful costumes, meanwhile, it looks like that males need some kind of courage to cosplay a sexy or cute girl, and some of them indeed could surprise us.

cosplayer credit
How many final fantasy Yuna cosplays that are done by guys have you seen so far? Or have you done this crossplay yet, guys? As for me, I have not seen any until I chance on this guy today. He is great, right? And I’d admit that male also could show us an attractive Yuna. What do you think of his FFX Yuna cosplay?

Jan. 8th, 2016

Beautiful League of Legends Officer Caitlyn Cosplay Girl

Apart from video game Final Fantasy series, I think League of Legends is another one of the most popular and typical games in the heart of guys and girls, right? So, today, here are the beautiful LOL Caitlyn cosplay shots in her Officer for you.

As the Marksman and Mage in League of Legends, Caitlyn has gained so many fans. When it comes to cosplay, there are mainly two pop costumes for cosplayers to make a choice from, one is the steampunk-styled outfit and another one is the blue police uniform that is wearing by this beautiful cosplay girl in the pictures. This cosplayer is from China and named NiGuang.

Cosplayer:@逆光逆光逆 (weibo.com)

Dec. 11th, 2015

Tutorial: How to Make Final Fantasy XIII Lightning Cosplay Boots

no title
How to make a beautiful Final Fantasy XIII Lightning cosplay boots? Probably, this is really a problem to many cosplayers who are fond of making their own cosplay costumes. And I am going to share a good idea with you today, hope this could help you a little at least when you looking for a tutorial for your final fantasy cosplay.

Series:Final Fantasy XIII
Character: Lightning
Boots made by RoxyRoo
Time: 20hrs+
- "Faded Glory" biker boots from Walmart
- 1/2 yd of Vinyl
- Craft Foam
- Acrylic Paints, black, grey, brown and tan.
- Grey fabric
- 6 metal buckles
- Hot glue
- Ggrey and blue thread
Good Luck!

Answer for question 4570.

What question do you most dislike being asked? Why does it annoy you so much? On the flip side, what question do you most enjoy being asked and why?
As an Otaku, the most difficult question is "What's your favorite anime?" Cuz, you know, there are countless anime/manga series, and i love most of them, and i really don't know how to tell you which is better:D
And i would be very very glad to tell you if you ask me what are the good comedy or action anime/mamga^^

Nov. 26th, 2015

Beautiful RWBY Blake Belladonna Cosplay Girl

What do you think of RWBY? Are you huge fan of this series? Probably, there would be lots of people who are fan of Final Fantasy, also interested in RWBY, are you? Personally, I love both of them quite a lot. So, here I am going to share a group of pictures of Blake Belladonna cosplay with you. Enjoy!

credit to-->>

Nov. 11th, 2015

Cool Touken Ranbu Gokotai and Nakigitsune Cosplay

Have you played the online game Touken Ranbu? Probably, you will say no if you are not in Japan now, because it’s only available in Japan since 2015. It became a very popular series, especially with young women, and there are more than one million registers in June 2015. We could find that it is because of this fact that there are so many cute and handsome swordmen in Touken Ranbu.

picture source
Surely, cosplay Touken Ranbu is quite a popular trend with cosplayers, and obviously, girls are more interested in it. This is quite a good chance for female cosplayers to be a cool and hot male swordman.

Here I am going to share some really great shots of Touken Ranbu Nakigitsune and Gokotai cosplay with you, but nothing about final fantasy cosplay. Hope you like them.

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